The perfect virtue is one’s cultivated moral character which is the outcome of enlightenment that treating people equal and with respect “as if receiving an important guest” was the only way of living well.

I quoted "as if receiving an important guest" from an article but did I use the punctuation correctly?

I have no idea if I did it right.

Please help me
Your quotation is fine, but the sentence overall is long and awkward, and needs a bit more punctuation:

Perfect virtue is one’s cultivated moral character, the outcome of the realization that treating people equally and with respect, “as if receiving an important guest”, is the only way of living well.
when would you use this ;
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when would you use this ; Personally speaking, never.

Semi-colons are used to join two sentences that the writer sees as closely connected.

eg He loved her with all his heart; she died.

They are effective if used sparingly in a literary and thoughtful context. They are not effective if used a lot, or in trite situations.

eg He took out the garbage; it smelled bad. This example just sounds foolish.

They are also used to separate the items in a list if each item is long and complicated. My feeling is that it is usually better not to write these kinds of lists.

Best wishes, Clive