I certainly have trouble to remember things. Were I to encounter too much of the vocabulary, chances are that I'll forget them shortly after, about one or two days, or maximum, one week. I cannot even use them in conversation since all the complex vocabulary vanish when I have recouse to them, instead are the simple ones. Sometimes I cannot make out what's one the radio, or on TV, I don't know what comes over me. So, native speakers, if you have any tips on this, please help me.

And as people often say, read as much as you can, I tried. However, I have to check a lot in the dictionary, they're too much for me to remember. Any tips?
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activate English subtitles on your DVDs and TV movies

have a notebook handy to write down new words, look them up in dictionaries, repeat them the day after

buy books with a large margin around the text, write there the definitions/translations and when finished with the book, read again all new words

reading fiction is the best way to enrich your vocabulary
I think it helps to find new vocabulary that applies to your interests and every day activities. Choose a relevant topic and then learn the vocabulary in depth; you'll find it easier as it is a topic that interests you and that you can use.
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For me, it is making use of dictionaries often. I'll look up the meaning of the word and then when I encounter it again and forget its meaning, I will refer to the dictionary again. I don't bother how many times I've to check, but I will re-check every time I forget the meaning of the word/s.

Whenever I encounter any word I'm not familiar with, I'll refer to a dictionary. I'm very persistent. I think there's no shortcut. Maybe you're not persistent enough. You're reluctant to refer to a dictionary. I even suggest you have a few dictionaries because sometimes, after referring to one dictionary, you may not understand clearly the meaning of the word. If such is the case, another dictionary may give you a clearer defiinition.

I hope what I say sound logical to you.

Only by being persistent do you remember the meanings of words which you find difficult in remembering.

I hope what I've said sounds logical and helpful to you.

All the best.

When I was much younger, I made a bunch of flashcards to learn. That method worked well in the beggining. Eventually, the more I tried to memorize, the slower I acquired new words then I got bored with such a mechanical method. Eventually, I found out the best way for me to understand and retain new words was to attach context to them by writing them in various sentences to describe an imagined scenario. Today, I also rely on the Internet to learn how people use the same words. But in the end, we need to use what we learn - use it or lose it!.

All the best,
Hoa Thai
Hi there,

Thanks for giving advice. I did keep on refering to dictionary, yet I always forget the meaning of them. I've been checking a word for 5 or six times but cannot remember the meaning of it.

I read newspaper in English, some such as Latest Global Breaking News & Views | Times Online News. Click one article and heap of words pop out, I used to check dictionary constantly everytime I encounter new words, but today I guess their meaning and move on until I cannot guess anymore. After that, I look 'em up in dictionary, and keep forgeting them for no reason.

Films with subtitle do help, but a lot of words I don't know I have to take them down. Notwithstanding, the film moves too fast I cannot take the words down with the context. I tried to pause them constantly yet it soon makes me feel bored about watching film in English. Another method I tried was just take the words down but when I look for them in the dictionary I soon forget the context....

Hm.... Harsh!
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Hi Belly

You say you refer to the dictionary and then forget the meaning of the word. We're in the same boat. Some words elude me and I sometimes have to refer to the dictionary about ten times before I can remember their meanings. Don't worry. If you forget the meaning of the word, refer to the dictionary as many times as possible and one day you will remember its meaning/s.

However, I think you try to learn too many words at one time. I think you should try to remember a couple of them at a time. In this way, you will remember better. In other words, don't cloud your mind with too many words at one time.
To remember words; you rely on mnemonics my friend. Memory is one of the wonders of the world , to understand it you must learn about it . The more one knows about memory the better s/he can take advantage of it.

Back in the days we used the old fashioned method's . Simply looking at the word and recall. We then relied on "repetition" and flashcards . Back in the days.

In the new era we use phonetics, associations and visual aids. You want to memorize well is that right? Well then , get rid of the old days and walk into the new world.

Here is how one does it. If for example you get the word Aloof.The word means distant physically or emotionally ;reserved and remote. This may be a bit advanced for now but try this: use the a as an adjective , a will represent the denotation "a" . Now take a look at l . l will represent the denotation "long" . Now we have oof . Add r in front. The result is roof. Make a sentence . A LONG ROOF. So now this is one word , so if you get the word ambulate. Once again , this is the same thing , ambulance , and you got te left , spell out a word with te , make tea. Ambulance with a teapot on top. The meaning of ambulate is moving about place to place. So think of this ambulance with a teapot on top moving about , so find a word for a destination. If you want. Amatory - of , relating to or expression of love , especially sexually. Once again , split the word, A will represent a . m will represent massive , atory , make the word factory , A MASSIVE FACTORY. Now combine the amulance with the factory. Associations , dont stop! Keep going . When the ambulance is going about and about , it will arrive at the massive factory that creates sex toys representing love and sex . The person steps out of the ambulance to see a long roof on the ground , now its your turn what is on top of that roof? This is a chain method. If the chain gets too big you can then think of another world. The number system; think of it this way, 1-10 , number 1 will represent world 1 . In world one this is happening , the next chain you want for a dif category , use it in world 2 . If you play an mmorpg you have a very big advantage , you should contact me at Email Removed . I will be able to help you out more , that is , if you play an mmorpg , because one has two worlds to memorize with. This is the step towards photographic memory , one keeps on learning this technique. Play with the words and control them.
Hi every one there,

To remember vocabulary effectively, feel free to read my article to grab some hints on how to absorb vocabulary like a sponge.


Good luck!

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