I'd like to ask you a question.
I've heard that the best response to 'Nice to meet you.' is 'You, too.', not 'Me, too.'.
Is this true? If so, why?
One correct response is "Nice to meet you, too." Shortening that to "You, too." is very common.

"Me, too" doesn't make logical sense because the me doesn't replace anything in the original sentence.

But. "I enjoyed our conversation."..."Me, too." is logically acceptable, because me replaces the I in the original sentence. I say logically, because we know gramatically it should be "I did, too." The other defense of "Me, too." is that you are actually saying "That is true for me, too."
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Got it.
'You, too' in this case is short for 'nice to meet you, too.'
This makes sense. Thank you for your explanation!
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thanks,i have learned something new
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If someone had said to you 'glad to meet you', you could answer with 'me, too', because the 'me' replaces the from the beginning.
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Very interesting. Thank you for your input.
The key here seems which word replaces which word.