Dear Teachers,
Could you please help me writing reply mail to the person I recevied Interview call or/and asking to send CV with some other details.
I often struck writing good covering letter and formal response in such situations.

*How to reply to the mail asking for CV for a post. Do I need to type covering letter to that.
*How to write letter/mail to HR in reponse to an ad.

I will appriciate your kind help.
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Hi dear Roya,

First of all, How are you, how is your health and how is work going on with you?????

I came back home on Friday and i came to the bank on Sunday and i gave you a call but you did not picked up the phone however, i spoke with salah and asked him to pass my regards to you.

on the occasion of your BiRtH dAy i have sent you a card and hope you will like it.

i hope that all of your wishes comes true very soooon...

I need reply please
For normal cover letters, you can start by saying sth like "In response to the advertisement..., I would like to apply ... ...".
For a mail asking for your resume, you may say sth like "Thank you very much for your interest in me. I'm very glad to send you my detailed CV. Please feel free to contact me to furnish you more details face to face."
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Hi, you’re a Mandarin speaker? Maybe remember this: NI xu yao shi he ni de gong zuo. If the boss expects a covering letter, then write it! English is very tricky. Maybe express yourself very clearly in Mandarin according to the principles you learned at college. A good covering letter to a Western company needs more than correct English language. May I suggest that you find examples of resumes and covering letters on the net? Really, it is best to cut and paste from professional letters; it’s easier and more professional too. I’m happy to help with examples of professional resumes and covering letters. Keep writing, it’s free!
Thank you jiaoqiang1 and wumanfu, please correct this cover letter I prepared.

Dear ***,
With the reference to your ad published in, I am sening my CV as attachment.

I am presently working in XYZ Company since November 2000 as software programmer. During this period I had involved in various inhouse projects which were developed in Visual Basic using Oracl, MSSQLServer, MSAccess, ADO,,DAO, Crystal Reports,IIS,Apache. I was also responsible to maintain/modify software developed in COBOL and Foxpro. I am also responsible to train computer operators and maintaining databases.

My recent project was ABC which is an intranet website developed in Oracle,PL/SQL server pages,HTML,DHTML,CSS.JavaScript.
I have also stong theriotical knoledge in CGI PERL,XML,XSLT,DTD and I am a quick learner zeal to learn new technologies.

I believe that both my skills match the requirements you seek for this role and that I would be able to effectively contribute to the team and the organisation.

I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss my application and look forward to hearing from you soon.


I know lot to be altered. I think I just dumped my skills in it. Need to get the final out put.
Need you precious help.

Thank you very much
Hi, this is very impressive; you’ve got strong 4GL skills and you’re familiar with legacy systems developed in COBOL. Apart from that you’re good with Pearl and CGI too. It sounds great. I’d like to take a raincheck regarding your covering letter; it deserves some careful thought. Also, I’d like to read what jiaoqiang1 writes because he’s an IT professional.
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Dear ***,

With reference to your advertisement published in, my C.V. is attached.

I am presently employed as a software developer at XYZ, I accepted the job in May? 2000. Since then I have been involved in various in-house projects, mostly developed in Visual Basic and using a number of server side solutions including:
Oracle, MSSQLServer, MSAccess, ADO, DAO, Crystal Reports,IIS and Apache.

Among other tasks I have been responsible for maintaining and modifying software developed in COBOL and Foxpro. I have also trained computer operators and maintained databases.

My most recent project, "ABC", is an intranet website developed in Oracle, PL/SQL server, HTML, DHTML, CSS and JavaScript. (*Mention Flash/Actionscript if you can! ie. a string of client-side stuff as well)

I also have a stong theoretical knoledge in CGI PERL, XML, XSLT ,DTD and am a quick learner.

I believe my skills match your requirements, and that I would be able to effectively contribute to your team and organisation. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and discuss my application.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Hi Inglish,
Basically your cover letter is ok. The most important point I think you need to keep in mind is highlighting your skills which are required fro the position.
The letter may be organized as:
Dear Sir/Mdm,
I'm very keen to apply for the *** position published in on ABC(Date of ad).

I have been working in XYZ company since Nov 2000 as a software programmer. I have been involved in various information system development projects in visual basic based on Oracle, MS SQL, and MS Access RDBMS. The projects were built mainly using ADO, DAO, and crystal report objects on IIS and Apache server. At the meantime I was responsible for maintaining and modifying software developed in COBOL and Foxpro. I was also in charge of training computer operators and maintaining databases.

My recent project is ABC, which is to build an Intranet website in Oracle PL/SQL server pages, HTML, DHTML, CSS, and Javascript. Besides the skills mentioned above, I also hav egood knowledge of CGI Perl, XML, XSLT, and DTD. I'm a quick learner of new technologies.

I believe my skills make me a very suitable candidate for the post and I'll contribute effectively to the team and organisation if given the position.

I will appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to furnish you with more information.

Sincerely yours,
Thank you very very very very much to both jiagiong and hitchy for your help. I need some more help.
I am workinig in a govt. organisation on contract basis for some company.
Would it be right to say/write I am working in office of XYZ office for ABC on contract basis.

I have given a solution to my organisation in the form of concept of Electronic Clearance System and also lead the team of 2 members. Where should I highlight this in my CV , In my acheivements ??. How many lines I should restrict and one more thing related with this is, do i have to put it on top of my projects in my CV? because normally projects in resumes we put the recent project on top.

I know you will help me
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