ho w to use I am and I'm in a sentence
Both 'I am going to London' and 'I am to go to London' are correct sentences with slightly different meanings.
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Hello mate, it is very simple. Both are correct, but (I am) is a bit more formal.
For example when talking with a friend, or writting to a friend, you can use (I'm).
But when writting a formal letter you should use (I am).
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Where i am? Or where im i?
AnonymousWhere i am? Or where im i?

Where am I?

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I'm protest is this correct?
anonymousI'm protest is this correct?


I protest.

anonymous I'm protest. Is this correct?

No. The only form of a verb that can occur after I'm (you're, he's, we're, ...) is a participle, usually a present participle (-ing form).


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So when your writing "Somebody i'm friends with" do I capitalize the I in i'm?

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