"Myra laughed exuberantly and embraced her friends repeatedly, so euphoric was she about having been selected."

I am really wondering about the fine details on this one, if you could help. The non-restrictive clause is what's got me confused.

allexkramer432so euphoric was she

= because she was so euphoric

When 'so' is used like this (with subject-verb inversion after the main clause), it means 'because ... so' without inversion.

Platt let slip that City considered his withdrawal at half-time, so stoked was he.

The same kind of structure can occur before the main clause:

So mean and tart-tongued was he that Jean Cocteau dubbed him Malice in Wonderland.
(~ He was so mean and tart-tongued that ... ~
Jean Cocteau dubbed him ... because he was so mean and tart-tongued.)



It is an unusual construction that you might find in novels. It is completely grammatical.

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Awesome. Thank you!

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