How should I edit the following:

The reason for the procedure is an extremely ill 7-month-old male child with respiratory failure,
respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), pneumonia, and Down’s syndrome who require central venous
line placement because of premorbid condition.

Should I put a comma before or behind "who" or should I change "who to "that"?
Also, should I leave the hyphens in "7-month-old male"

Thanks for all replies:)
-'Who' can be used there
- who requireS (remember the S)
- the hyphens can be used too
No need to put a comma before who and you can change who to that too. Both are acceptable because ' that ' is used to substitute ' who ' to signify the very ill patient.

7-month-old male or 7 month(s) old maleEmotion: smile. The former is a compound adjective.