I need your help! In english What Do we say one Who's got a black eyed? Black eyed? We're using this is correct? I ask this because it's my lastname you can say short for karagoz(in turkish black eyed) Example Matthew shor for Matt,What about karagoz Short for?
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There's a vegetable called 'a black-eyed pea'. It's also the name of a singing group.

Other than that, I'd say we don't use the adjective 'black-eyed' very much.

If we mean 'He has a bruised eye', we usually just say 'He has a black eye'.

If we mean 'The colour of his eyes is black', we usually say 'He has black (or dark) eyes'. I'm not actually sure if eyes can literally have the colour black, or whether they would really be very dark brown.

In English, some people have the nickname 'Blackie'. But I don't hear that a lot today.

you know you're great.All right i've another question to you There is anybody who has an as lastname black(or dark)eyes in your country?
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Yes. 'Black' is a common last name. eg Jack Black.

But you re talking about only as black. I told you as Black eyes-Dark eyes i'm talking about one person who's got dark eyes you get me, right? Is there anyone like that? i must learn this, if stranger person asks me i'd answer what does it mean.Eg;one who lives new york and asking what does your lastname mean? i'd answer,too How Can i tell this hes in eglish ?
Black, Brown and White are all relatively common last names in English. As you know, the practice of last names in Turkish is quite a recent development (Ataturk), but in English it has been in existence since before people came to US on the Mayflower.

While we often shorten the first name (Johnathon > John, Timothy > Tim, Philip > Phil, we usually don't shorten the family (last) name.
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sure it's possible but what do you think How i say it? My lastname is meaning one's got black eyes When i translate Which is correct to english? Black eyes or Dark eyes, Deep eyed,Dark eyed?

It's fine to say My last name means 'black eyes'.

Thanks for all interesting
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