show up to work??? <<< By they way is that the correct way of asking, or can I say When someone didn't show up to work??

Well let me explain why I did this question, sometimes at work I need to call or email a lot of people asking them why certain person(s) doesn't have his full day of work, I need to know if it is because he is on medical leave, vacation or simply because he didn't go to work. In the later case when the person doesn't have a justification I don't have to pay him, in Spanish we called this situation "Falta Injustificada" I just want to know how you say that in English.

I would appreciate everyone who helps me or explains me this, it has bothered me for so long because when I'm trying to get this information I don't know how to ask that.

Thanks in advanced. Emotion: smile
You can ask if he was out for medical leave, vacation, some other excused absense, or simply a no-show that day.

A no-show is when the person simply doesn't show up at work.

A more formal way to is say, "Was this an unexcused absence?"
Thank you Emotion: smile

Now I finally understand that.