I have a student who wants my help in preparing for the PTE exam. Is there anyone who can help me in this regard please?

Hello, Tom—and welcome to English Forums.

I don't think you should offer someone your help if you are not able to do so. You might start by reading through the PTE website: http://pearsonpte.com/test-takers/preparation/free-pte-academic-preparation /
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Thanks a lot for your response. I do agree with you if I do not have information about it, I should never offer the help unless I understand the topic very well.

Hi Tom,

As per my experience, you need to do self-study to success in PTE Exam and in this procedure, TCYonline is the most trusted and reputed platform for you. It provides a complete analysis of "Where you stand what should do for success?"

Thanks for the reference links..!!

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