hi all

is this correct " my thoughts and prayers are with him/her"

in this sentence, who's the him/her? is he/she who was passed away?

thanks in advance
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Mr. Clive gave a good explanation. For the final thought, "My thoughts and prayers are with you so that you will be able to understand who that pronoun is being referred to or is referring to."
Pdk001im sorry

could you explain to me why it can't

thank you
If you are asking answer from Lazarus, he/she wouldn't answer because he/she woudn't know how to answer or what to answer. I hope you got an answer from forum experts. Cheers.Emotion: smile My job on this forum is to identify who is good and who acts to be good.

I am confused by your hostility, Paco2004Fan. While I don't pretend to have any title at this forum, I hope you realize that I am a high school English teacher here in the States, and have been one for many years. I have taught literature, grammar, speaking and writing for that entire time. I hadn't seen this particular followup question until just now, so clearly, I couldn't reply. I am not on this forum twenty-four hours a day, of course.

I have to assume you're angry about something I've said in a discussion forum, as I tend to speak my mind. My guess is that you are an old poster with a new name. After all, you have 10 posts. That's a shame.

If your "job" truly is "to identify who is good and who acts to be good," you might consider the idea of identifying yourself as inappropriately hostile to someone who is trying to help with a real question. Have the courtesy next time to at least send me a message if you'd like to vent that hostility.


P.S. I'm not sure why it says "anonymous" on this post. I was logged in at the time I wrote it.
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Hi Paco2004Fan,

Please refrain from personal attacks. They are not appropriate here. It appears that you enjoy Paco's informative and helpful posts, so you will have noticed that he never makes such personal comments.

If you wish to contribute comments on the grammar being discussed, they will be very welcome.

Best wishes, Clive
Could you say my thoughs and my prayers are with you and your family?
AnonymousCould you say my thoughts and my prayers are with you and your family?
Yes, that's fine.
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i am sory ms crony that i said a inapre word in class and i will not do it a gen that you for care about me