Guys! Enough of arguing how to get rid of accent Emotion: stick out tongue now let's talk about how to be able to speak english with an accent Emotion: stick out tongue So, what are you waiting for?! START POSTING NOW! Emotion: stick out tongue lol
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hey, im pure pilipino for now im looking for a great job its a call center and everbody knows that if you want that job , you have to be fluent in speaking ., so thats my prob. i know how to speak and understand too but i cant speak fluently .,can you help me solve my prob?. THANKS!
Wish i could help you but i want to tell you CONFIDENCE is important! Good luck Emotion: stick out tongue
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Ask any Englishman and he will tell you. They are experts in faking accents. Call them up in the middle of their sleep and then you will see their original accent:p
lol that's so funny eh? Emotion: stick out tongue anyway that is a good idea to you filipino dude Emotion: stick out tongue

spend more time with bbc news
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i know how to speak english and i understand it too. but im lack of confidence. im afraid to speak english in front of people. what should i do?? plase help me!!!
First of all, always try to communicate with your colleagues, relatives in english.

Try to improve by studying various books, magazines newspapers or see any english news channels or discovery channel in order to have a good accent.

It's the basic thing you have to do. Radio stations, TV chanels and Audio..


and speak with him. Let him to correct your accent.


Juan Antonio (SPAIN)
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