Oxford Researchers have shown that in order to speak English Fluently, there are several things you can and should do.
When we are trying to speak, we encounter two main difficulties.

  1. Mental - We are missing a word, or we find it difficult to formulate a correct sentence

  2. Physical - We find it difficult to pronounce some words.

The best way to learn vocabulary and practice your grammar is by reading. The best way to practice the physical part is by speaking English.
However, sometimes we don't have a partner to talk to, and talking to the mirror is not an option (anymore 😉).

Don't worry! There is a workaround - Reading out loud.
Take a short article and read it out loud. With that method, you are practicing the mental and physical parts at the same time.
You can also practice by singing in English (Pick a song with a slow rhythm, look for the lyrics, and sing it with the Singer).
I guess I had some mistakes while I writing that paragraph, and that is because I am not a native speaker. I myself found it difficult to speak English fluently.

That is why I build Fluentlly.
A simple Web App that renders a daily article to read out loud with some features to help you read it correctly.
I built it for my own need, but after some time, I thought it could help others.
The App is live, but I still don't have enough Articles. (I am using only short and interesting articles)

You can see a 1-minute overview over here:

Or if you are already curious you can check the App over here:

I hope the tutorial was helpful!

stay safe,

Naveh 😊

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