i want to speak and pronounce english very well


Read all the posts, Asha...
if u wana speak and pronounce english very well ... watch a lot of movies and be focus on it ....

I can pronounce english very will now Coz of movies and keep speak english always.....

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I think you have to listen the English speeker
firstly, I think you should master English Grammar and Vocab. I mean it's hard to believe that I could speak English smoothly and fluently if I have poor grammar structures and my English vocab is limited. Secondly, it's your opportunity to have conversation with other people (ie. English speaking environment), especially English native speakers. Practice makes perfect, you know.
Hope you find something useful from my comment.
Wish to see you again
Call me Nguyet. (I'm from Vietnam)
start to see english news & try to learn singe meaning of a word
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i am a trainer for english and communication skills.
my sincere advice to all those guys n gals who want to learn english and fluency in that language is

1. Try to read news papers(english) improves your grammer and tenses
2. Watching movies(makes you know how to speak with people)
3. Always speak in English with people who can speak(don't bother if they laugh at you, you loose nothing if they laugh at you. right?)
4. Try to get feedback from people you know
5. Speak to yourself in front of a mirror which improves your confidence that you too can speak english
6. main point is that Don't forget to Implement all this

hope it helps you.

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i think the best way to be fluent in english is to practice it by speaking.
You know i'm good in writing and grammatically correct. I, also, my problem is fluency
but how i can be fluent in english if i talk to nobody in english.

the best way is to enroll in english learning center.

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