How to spell Therall ? throughall?

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I heard it many times but never know how to spell it
the context is something like this

the scientist did a therall? throughall? testing

the meaning is complete

anyone care to englighted me please

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"Thorough", perhaps, Anon?

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That wasn't a stupid question, Anon. Trying to figure out the spelling of an English word that you've only heard can be quite difficult.
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sorry for stupid a question
MrPedantic"Thorough", perhaps, Anon?
Best wishes,


I agree. That's the word Anon is looking for.
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Thank you all, I'm a native speaker of English and couldn't for the life of me figure out if it there was more than one way to spell through. If a native speaker has trouble with the spelling of this word, I can only imagine how hard it must be for someone else! Definitely not a stupid questions Anon. Emotion: nodding
from Old English 'thuruh', from end to end, through; see ter -2 in Indo-European roots

'Be thorough'

I had the same problem with this word because here in the south we put an "L" on the end of the word !!
Thank you, actually could not spell, and I have a high vocabulary, and spelling is not an issue for me, but due to the annunciation, I could not figure it out myself. Which brought me here. So definitely not a stupid question.

Thank you,