This is how I start my letter with a specific job with a reference number.

I would like to express my interest for the post advertised in the local press on the 5th of July 2012. My main objective is to be employed at this post with important responsibilities, requirements and opportunities for advancement.

Now in that case: They need more that one positions: This is a part of their advertisement:

Sigma UNIVERSITY is developing and extending it's team to deliver several undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at their new campus in Havana. High quality administrative support is a key element in making sure that the student experience is excellent in all respects.

If you would be interested in using your qualifications and experience to help their students fulfil their potential, change their lives and make a material contribution to society, they would like to hear from you.

At the moment they are particularly interested in meeting future colleagues with qualifications and experience in the following areas.

Reception and customer care
Telephone and customer care
Student Support for Cypriot and international students
PA to Principal and Academic director
Management of learning resources

How To Apply:

To apply please send your CV with a covering letter to the following e-mail to Email Removed

According to the advertisement, I would like to help me in order to modify my cover letter and address to them for many positions instead of one(specific position).

Thanks in advance

In my experience, it's better to apply for one specific position, and then go on to say why your skills and experience make you the best candidate.

Al of those jobs seem pretty different, so it seems like a bad idea to say 'Please give me a job, any job'.

In addition, let me add a warning. The start of your letter is all about what you want. As an academic employer, I would want to know how you can help me and my students, rather than how I can help you.

Perhaps cover letters are different in your country and culture.
Anyway, good luck!
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Hi Clive,

Is very strange because I live in Cyprus and the vacancies refer to UK University!

I have uploaded the whole page of the newspaper, so u can see it and decide.

Because I am not a teacher, I have chosen THE ADMINISTRATION STAFF!

Please try to remove the stars in order to see the picture:

Some tricks, hopefully to overcome the url eraser: If the tricks do not work, I can pm you and send you the link!

Thanks for your time!


How about this?
I would like to express my interest for a post on the Administration Staff as advertised in the local press on the 5th of July 2012.

My other comments are still the same.

excelllent! Thank you so much Emotion: smile
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When you're excited about the company or field, you may apply for several job positions. However, before you apply for multiple positions, make sure you have the necessary qualifications and skills for the desired jobs. When you're applying for several positions, you're writing a separate resume and cover letter for each of them. To compose a good cover letter, the first thing you have to do is addressing the right people (your reviewers). Express your qualifications, motivation and desire to work for both jobs. And don't forget to express enthusiasm in the company you're applying to.