Hi everybody,

Suppose I have given a topic and I have been told to speak about the topic, how do I start and finish the speech formally?

Is it ok?

Starting: Respected sir, madam and honourable chief guest. Good morning to everybody...

Finishing: that's all from me. Thank you

that's the end of my speech. Thank you. or

that's the end of my session. Thank you or

that's the time I have got. Thank you


Thank you
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AnonymousStart : good morning
That's a good opening.
AnonymousToday i would like to speak on the topic
You should not have to say this. Instead, give your opening thesis:

We all know about the problem of global warming. We have some new data to present to you, and some possible remedial actions. But it will take aggressive action on your part to prevent future disasters for the most vulnerable people.
AnonymousFinish : this is the end of my spech I hope that I have stayed to my point thank you
No. That is not good. Just summarize your main point, and thank the audience for their attention.
We can also start like this.....
The whole purpose of education is to convert mirror into window..
Respected guests and all of you a very good morning to all
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But if there is no chief guest or chair man tahn what can we use insted of it??
AnonymousBut if there is no chief guest or chair man tahn what can we use insted of it??
Can't you think of anyone? They don't need to be present.

Can i have your contact no.?

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Hello,yes it will be better if u finish it speech with a part of ur speech .without announcing it.👍👍

I need some AWESOME starting and finishing lines on my speech “EDUCATION”...

Can anyone give me some material..?

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Great it helped me alot
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