Hi everybody,

Suppose I have given a topic and I have been told to speak about the topic, how do I start and finish the speech formally?

Is it ok?

Starting: Respected sir, madam and honourable chief guest. Good morning to everybody...

Finishing: that's all from me. Thank you

that's the end of my speech. Thank you. or

that's the end of my session. Thank you or

that's the time I have got. Thank you


Thank you
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it is very helpful and wonderful

thank you for posting it.

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Good morning respected sir ,teachers and all my dear friends

Thankue have a nice day

Thank ,Thanks a lot

Thank u so much for this great help. ☺️

But still, I would like to add a few more sentences.

Starting: Good morning to one and all present here.. Today I,_____ would like to say a few lines on the topic_________

Finishing : I have come to the end of my speech.I would like to conclude my speech by saying that________Thank u for all your time and patience. And wish u a great day ahead.

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Respect to the teacher and the chief guest

Good morning to everyone

Respected principal teachers senior junior and my dear friend good morning to all of you today i am in front of you to say a short speech on the topic of