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There are three categories:
1. simple tenses
2. progressive/continuous tenses
3. perfect tenses
can you tell me the simple way of tenses that can i learn english simply way.
and please write me for about these lines are correct or not,.
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Your sentences should read:

Can you tell me a simple way of identifying/using tenses so that I can learn English the simple way? And please tell me whether these lines are correct or not.

However, there is no simple route to English verb tenses. Start by reading [url=http://leo.stcloudstate.edu/grammar/tenses.html ] THIS[/url].
There's two. Present and Past. The continuous and perfect are aspects.
thanks....very much thanks for such a goooooooood clarification.
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We learned that there are 32 tensen, 16 active and 16 passive tenses
AnonymousWe learned that there are 32 tensen, 16 active and 16 passive tenses
That's absolutely untrue. Where did you learn that nonsense from?

English has two tense systems: an inflectional system contrasting preterite and present, and an independent analytic tense system called perfect tense, which is a kind of past tense.

Effectively, that means that English has just three tenses:

Present (or simple present): "I like beer".
Preterite (or simple past): "I hated English at school".
Perfect (either present or past) "I have been there" (present perfect) ~ "I had been there" (past perfect).

Note that the perfect is a past tense, despite having a form called "present perfect".

Despite what you may have been told, or may have seen on silly internet grammar web-sites or Wikipedia, there are no other tenses in English. The progressive form, as in I am eating", is an aspect, not a tense. And the so-called 'future tense', as in "I will go there" is not a tense at all; it's a modal verb (will) + infinitive construction used to talk about future time. English has no future tense.

As for 'active' and 'passive', these are kinds of ' voice', not tense.

No you are right there are only twelve sentences in english and the others are sub branches of these sentences which is driven from these 12 sentences.
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yes, thank you very much.
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