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God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say "thank you?
~ William Arthur Ward

When someone does something for you, you should say "thank you" (and mean it).

When someone wishes you well, you should say "thank you".

When someone makes your life just that little bit easier or brighter, you should say "thank you".

When someone helps you get back on your feet after you've taken a tumble, you should say "thank you".

When someone shows you the right from the wrong, you should say "thank you".

When someone corrects your mistake, you should say "thank you".

When someone makes way to let you pass, you should say "thank you".

When someone sacrifices her own comfort so that you may enjoy yours, you should say "thank you".

Its such a simple phrase, and said sincerely, can mean so much for the person you intend it to. It will make her feel as though you appreciate her, that you genuinely care that she is there, and that you recognize her efforts in making your life better. If you really mean it, it might also tell her that you love her.

Its easy to forget that no one ever needs to do anything for you. No one owes you anything. You don't have a right to be treated kindly. If you are treated well, its because someone cares for you enough to give you that privilege.

It doesn't hurt anyone to lower your pride, if pride is the reason why you do not do it in the first place, and say, "Thank you."
wow.thanks for sharing! I try to say thanks everyday when I wake up in the morning.
You are welcome.Emotion: smile
I like polite and thankful people. Such kind of persons live longer, happier amd can make othrers happy!
Keep your smile and be always happy.
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