Hello everyone,

I'm English learner and this is my first entry.

I'd like to know how to express my thank to my colleague or staff at the third party.

"Thank you always for your help"
"Thank you for revising the document" (Should I write your revising?)

Above sentence is not formal? I want to know the useful sentence in business, especially sentence it can use in email.

Could you please help me?


Your sentences are fine, and you don't need 'your'. Instead of 'always', I suggest 'again'. Your sentences are not formal; they are quite standard and acceptable at all levels. In conversation with colleagues, you can use 'thanks' instead for all but the biggest favors.
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Thank you for quick response. ( is it correct?)

I was unsure about my writing, your comments was great helpful.

Thanks again.
Thank you for your quick response.
Thank you very much, Mister Micawber.

I'll try to study hard!Emotion: smile
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  • You remind me of a dear friend I knew in Zurich many years ago. Hope you do well. I'm sure you will do great! Best wishes from Joan in california!