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no accually it is 16 to join the army but that is with your perents consent
AnonymousIf a 16 year old boy has sex with a 15 year old or younger and they are caught the boy can be charged with peadofilia (if thats how u spell it).
Pedophilia = sexual attraction to children

This is not a crime, moron.

AnonymousYoU cANt BUy GunZ iN tHE uk i tInK cuZ i Is dUmB
Needing to have licenses to buy guns isn't the same as not being able to buy guns. Here are the relevant gunbuying laws in the UK: http://www.ukgundealer.com/rules.htm
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to joing the forces you can actualy be 16

if your in the uk you are not aloud to buy or smoke under the age off 18.but if you are with a paren/gardian while smoking im sure you are aloud to at the age off 16 maybe bit younger.

you are only aloud to take your driving test at the age off 17... im not too sure if your aloud to drive at the age off 17.(uk)

im quite sure you could have a credit card under the age off 18 because my brother which is 16 have a credit card..but i may have got it wrong as which i do not no if its a credit card!.(uk)

leaving school: you could leave school at the age off 16 if your parent/gardian has given you consent and/or sometimes if your 15 you could leave school depending in which month you were born.a friend off mine is 15 and her birthday is in july but she is year 11 and is going to be leaving in may or june sometime which she will still be 15 when she leave's.(uk)

you can not have a part time job under the age of 14 as teenagers under this age are not mature enough to take on a part time jobs 14+ you should be able to have certain hours which is understandable as teenagers will have school on top. but they may be able to have a papper round job in a shop.(uk)

if a boy is the same age as the girl if they had sexual inntercourse then none of which would be arrested they would probably get the sex talk.and if the boy/girl is 16+ and having sexual intercourse with a miner then the boy/girl would be arrest for having sexual intercourse with a miner.(uk)

i hope ive helped a bit not sure if this is 100% correct
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yh thats right but u ant allowed into war untill 18 but u can join at 16 and train then do two years of the r.e.m.e witch is royle engernieering where you repair tanks and other millerteary veichles hope this has helped
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Number 7 its 15 and a 1/2
No it's not... you can have a full licence younger than 18... between the ages of 17 and 18 because lots of people pass their test before they're 18. And passing your test means you get a full licence.
Anonymous nope im from the uk, liverpool and how it works is that u cant have sex in ur parents house wihtout consent but anywhere else fi you feel you are ready when you are both over the age of 16. If a 16 year old boy has sex with a 15 year old or younger and they are caught the boy can be charged with peadofilia (if thats how u spell it). Also if they are not caught the girl can put in for rape charges against the boy and say she did not give consent so its a risky business , best waiting till your 16. If you are caught having sex on your parents property without their consent they can press charges on both of the people having sex. Alot of girls say boys have raped them in the uk if they have had sex with a boy and shes under the age, mainly to get back at the boy if they have had an argument.
Just quickly saying, they're not charged with Pedophilia as such, since that in itself is not actually a crime. They're charged with statutory rape. Pedophilia is a sexual orientation (fetish, if you will) for children or people with childlike features. Therefore, they cannot be prosecuted for Pedophilia.

Also, for the original poster, those facts seem generally correct with the exception of those that people have already pointed out. Good luck with your research ^^
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Anonymous Techniqually if two 15 year olds decide to have sex it would be classed as rape as the girl would not be able to give legal concent until she is sixteen. The boy would be charged with rape as it is always the boys fault.
Small correction here. If the female has sex with a minor under a certain age (I've forgotten the actual number), they can still be charged with statutory rape.
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