Hi there. I had to do some research about English law. Could you please tell me whether my answers are correct ? Thank you so much.

1) buy alcohol : 18

2)drink alcohol in public : 18 or 16 if it's beer/cider with a meal in a pub and you're with an adult

3) drink alcohol in private : 5 (alcohol may be given by parents to children over the age of 5 in a private home)

4) go into pubs : 14

5) buy cigarettes : 16

6) smoke : 16

7) drive a moped : 16

8) drive a car : 17

9) drive a motorbike : 17

10) vote in a general election : 18

11)join the army : 18

12)get married with your parents' consent : 16

13) get married without your parents' consent : 18

14) have a credit card : 18

15) leave school : 16

16) have a part-time job : 13 (full-time : 16)

17) sign on for unemployment benefit : 16

18) be tried in a criminal court : 10

19) buy a gun : 17

20) have sex if you're a boy : 16

21) have sex if you're a girl : 16

Thanks a lot !!!!

Cheyenne Akinuoye
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
4). 14+ allowed into the actual bar room only if food is served there, otherwise 18. Children are legally allowed in other areas of pubs, many have family rooms/gardens etc.

6) I don't think there is a legal minimum age to smoke, just a minimum age for buying cigarettes.

11). 16. With regard to deployment on active service, there is no legislation about minimum age, merely guidelines: 17 years for the navy, 17 years three months for the army, 17 years six months for the RAF.

17) 18
With regards to 20 & 21, age 16 is the legal 'age of consent' - which means the age at which a boy or girl can decide for themselves whether or not to have sex with someone 16 or over. It is not the legal age that they can have sex. What this means is that if a 16 year old has sex with a 15 year old, then the 16 year old is breaking the law. The 15 year old isn't. However, if two 15 year olds have sex with each other, neither of them are breaking the law. I'm pretty sure that's how it works.
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5) you have to be 18

6) you have to be 18

2) you can have a drink with your meal at 14
Anonymous5) you have to be 18 This has just been lowered.

6) you have to be 18 There is no age at which you are forbidden to smoke. Only an age at which you may buy tobacco.

2) you can have a drink with your meal at 14 in a public bar/restaurant.

u gotta be 18 to but cigarettes now, and 18 to drive a car Emotion: big smile
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16 to smoke, but 18 to purchase and 16 to join the armed forces,,,,,by the way these are correct and official
Number 2.. You can drink alcohol with your parents in a resturant from the age of 14 aslong as its a restuarant not a pub. and thats any alcohol not just beer/cider.

Number 4.. you can go into pubs at any age aslong as your with an 18+ (adult) you can only drink alcohol in pubs at the age of 18.

number 5.. to by cigarettes you have to be 18.. it used to be 16.

Number 11.. you can be 16 when you join the army.

number 16.. 14 to have a part time job.

number 17.. i think thats after education.. so when you finish further education.. such as college or uni.

number 20.. there is no age limit for the boy.
thanks u helped wid my homeworkEmotion: big smileEmotion: smile but i need to how old u have to be to chang ur name and choose your own docter and buy fireworks and drive lorry or bus but thanks ur a Emotion: star school girl handsworth wood girls
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