I'd like to know if the following question and the choices are appropriate.

Keiko took a trip to Berlin and went to a supermarket there. She was surprised to see that
there were no plastic bags by the cash registers and everyone used eco bags. When Keiko
returned to Tokyo, she decided to take an eco bag to the supermarket.

Q: How did Keiko change?

1 She began to learn German.

2 She stopped going shopping.

3 She took a bag to the supermarket.

4 She made her own bags from cloth.
I agree that they aren't very good choices. From what you offer, I think #3 is the best.
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Hello Philip,

Thank you very much for your reply.
I'd be grateful if you'd tell me how to change these choices or the question.
How about "What did she do after returning from the trip?" ?

Thank you,
4 She made her own bags from cloth.

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