Hi! everyone.Could you tell me what should I say in answer to this question?
1-A-You are entering home now! What took you so long?
Should this be B Persons answers-1-Actually my car broke down in the middle of my way to here so fixing it took me very long.(Is it the correct answer and also tell me Is"middle of my way to here" correct phrase in this sentence?)
Second-Could B answer be this-You probably know,how long walking distance I have to cover to reach home.(Is it correct?)
Here are some possible answers:

Actually my car broke down on my way here and it took me a long time to fix it.
As you probably know, I had to walk and it's a long way home.

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silak12Hi! everyone.Could you tell me what I should say in answer to this question?
The use of 'Could you tell me' makes your question an embeded one.
Embeded questions should have the same order of words as in a sentence.
Thanks! AlpheccaStar.
I have found from your answer,what I needed.