What's in your opinion the most polite form (not interrogatively) to ask a favour of someone? For example, "I have to ask you a favour" or "I would like to ask you a favour", or... any suggestion?

Thank you very much.
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I wonder if you'd mind if I asked a favour of you.
Thank you, Mister Micawber.

I'm afraid this form may sound a little affected, though. Maybe an intermediate form would be more appropriate. What would you suggest me in this case?
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Are you calling me 'affected'? You asked for 'the most polite form'-- I've given you a very polite one that is quite natural. If you want less, I'd go back to your originals.
No, I wasn't calling you affected. I was only afraid that placing the sentence you gave me in a letter may sound too polite.
Can you ever be too polite? Especially when you want someone to do you a favour Emotion: wink
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Good point, Feebs11! =)
I agree. It is far better to be polite when asking a favour, than to risk causing offence!

However, there are some other expressions that you can use to ask a favour:

I'd be grateful if you could... (quite formal)
I would appreciate it if you could / would... (quite formal and could appear a little angry)
Do you think you could... (friendly)

Best wishes

I agree
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