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Alas, as soon as a man becomes a politician an acquires some power, he becomes corrupted by this power and his open mind clsoes and he begins playing the common political games.

And they don't need the common people any longer!
Yes,So now,just don't let politicians bother you any more.

they can't blind common people's eyes anyway,and they can't influence the truth of the world,and birth of the great nation.so,let them play their games,and it is doesn't matter.Emotion: smile
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letting them play their games isn't that easy because they run the country
Forget it,man,they playing their games with their mouth,and people in the country(just like us)already know their talk is not real,so no body listen what they say,so don't care of them~Emotion: smile
Rzy649Forget it,manEmotion: smile

Is this addressed to Foxflow?
She's a woman Emotion: smile
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Prez1dent,what are you write??I can not see it...
Or I'm wrong. Female means a woman as I understood.
Yes, it means so, but I fail to understand your posts lately.
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My posts? I'm SORRY for my mistakes. I promise I'll practice...
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