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it's not you're english that's bad, i just get a lot of weird things when i read you're post..example

Emotion: tongue tiedmile<<-->>((asasdh&**~~
Ah that's a bug. You can see different stuff when I'm quoting. I don't change the source. I see only one way: not to quote (((
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Quote, please, but correctly. Use the forum engine. Or just a clipboard.
I always use the forum engine. I don't know what the #$#$ is going to with my browser (Opera 9.02)
Um,That's OK,let's keep discuss the"great nation question".
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Ok. Russian nation is a great nation no one other nation has defeated us! I think that being independent and having the Motherland's beliefs is the first step to become the greatest nation.
sometimes it is a good thing to depent on other countries, look at the EU or the VN, these 'organisations' have done (atleast the most of it) really good things which couldn't happen without the cooperation of a lot of countries.
Yes it's good but when I said about independence I meant to be strong people who will never listen to enemies, who will never dash the arms from hands and stand kneel and who would die for their country.
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Yes, and this is the very thing the foreigners don't understand about the Russians. Our nation is too independent. They have never yielded to any temptation nor followed the advice of the others. In our history there were times when we were betrayed and fooled, but we never allowed anyone to command us.

The Russians will never begin the war, but if anyone tries to invade our country the responce will be really huge and mighty.

And the Russians want to be regarded as equals - not minor. And they will never allow anyone to teach them what to do. Is such a nation great? Yes. But it will never be or strive to be the greatest in the world!
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