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Yeah but many foreigners won't understand this simple thing.
Nowadays Russia is international country as many other countries therefore the next step to be a great nation is fighting against racism.
The answer is very simple but the action is very hard:

Occupy Peoples' Hearts First!
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Yes, and not only hearts, but also minds with good and fruitful (and friendly) ideas!
I want you to see a photo of my native town of Kolomna in Moscow region.
Good photo. That's about I told: the cultural value. People must love it and they'll do another step to being great! I'm upset about what happened in Estonia. Barbarians!
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Yes,you are right,but that is the one side of the problem,why do I use"problem"this word-----becouse now human living is one of the big issue-----we short for resources,oil and gas only can use in 100years~200years,the earth is"depletion",so if any country could control the Universe resources,master the Aviation Technology,they can become a great nation.
Yes, technology is great. But there is one more thing aboyut being a great nation - to be proud of its history and never forget the lessons of the past!

One more photo of Kolomna for you!
Nice picture. I think that I could look for some photos of Pskov.
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Nice Pictures. Hope to make it there soon!