Some body think that it is very easy to choose a good book for them to read, that means they knew what should they need and read clearly. However, there are also many people do not what do they really need. When they walk into a book shop and stand in front of thousands book, they often feel they want to read every book, but after buying these book, at home, they will found these book are not suit them.

Choose a good book is very important, if you only taken 5 second to buy a book, which means you choose a wrong book, because you can not know anything about a book in 5 second, except the name of this book. There is no denying that only know the name of a book can not represent this book is a good book for you.

From the book shop, I also think about a social problem, why it is so easy for the author to publish a book. Some of these books are good book, but the garbage books are also everywhere. If all of books are the good books, although people buy a wrong book, he also can pack off the book; therefore good book will be good forever.

I also want to give some suggestion to those people do not know how to choose a good book.

First before you walk into a book shop, you can think about what kind of books are you really want to buy for 1 minute. This question looked is very useless, because mostly people used to think about this question when they in the book shop, but it is the worst way to choose a book.

Then, when you found a book you feel it is ok, please do not get the book and buy it. You need open the book and read 1-3 pages, after reading you can buy this book if you still think it is a good book for you.

Now, people have too many ways to do some reading, some people never go to the book shop, but there is no book he did not read, but I still think go to the book shop and the library is the best way for reading, because I think that reading use book is always better than reading on the internet, even reading on the internet can help people save the money used to buy the books.

Reading does well to our health. But if you finish a wrong in a very long time, it only can waste you time. So, when we want to read something, we can go to the internet some information about the book, and then we can go to the library or book shop to read or buy it.

Up to now, there are more and more book shop provide the free book and space to let the readers reading in the shop, which means these shops what to let themselves become the library shop. If the readers want to buy the book they can buy it, if they do not want to buy it, they also can read it in the shop, because mostly book shop have the seats of sofas to make the readers have a comfortable reading environment.

Today, I want to introduce a very good book shop to my friends, the avant-courier book shop.

The boss of avant-courier book shop is come from Nanjing, so the biggest book shop of avant-courier is also in Nanjing.

This book shop is very different from others.

First, its space is very big and has so many kinds of books, including the social studies, novel, movie, history and some other kinds.Every kind of books are divided very clearly and then put in their own area. You will never find a book about movie in the history area. However,because of its big area, the book shop also provide the searching service for the readers. For example, if you only knew the author's name, you just need type the name of the author on the computer, then the searching system will tell you every book's name about this author you search. There is no doubt that this way can help people to save many times. In the middle of the shop there are some big sofas and a TV there.Yes, this shop also have the free movie for the movie fans. Another good point of this book shop is that it always holding some meeting between the readers and some famous authors. And these meetings are also free.

Sometimes, I did not look the avant-courier as a book shop. It more likes a home of our book lover, because you can not feel any pressure here.
When I first encounter any book with unfamiliar titles or authors, I look up the Internet (Amazon is a good choice for me) to read the reviews, then make my decision based on what I have read or the general consensus.

Lastly, for unfamiliar fiction books, I tend to avoid basing my decision on reviews given by other authors (even if the reviewer is some big shot author).

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I got some good ways for choosing book in your ideas. Thanks!
Picking the right book is like anything else in this life. A pain in the ass until you know what you’re doing. It can be difficult until you have the skill set to know what you like and what to look for. You might get so frustrated you want to give up. Don’t you dare! A movie will never replace a good book, I don’t care what anyone says. Until then, take a few of these tips and go to town. Trial and error is key. The princess did have to kiss a few frogs, after all.