pls help me to delete my previous post..

Hi ilma,

Does your post have replies? If so, we don't generally delete them. Please read this taken from our Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you remove some old posts of mine, I don't want them there anymore?

Generally we do not delete any posts inside a thread where answers have already been made. This would cause confusion and disturb the flow of the thread. It would also be unfair to the members who have taken time and effort to help you. Requests for post deletion can always be made and we will gladly check the individual requests. Please make sure you are aware that we generally do not delete anything once it's posted so make sure you still want the post there in the future.
yea, it was replied, but I really really want to delete it because of two reasons:

1. the one who replied is my self Emotion: stick out tongue. So, even tough you help me in deleting it, no body wont be bothered Emotion: stick out tongue
2. it is my final project. and well, I just realized that actually I must not share it, as it is research. you know what i mean right Ruslana?
well, it was my bad in posting it here. I want to delete it or my lecture will kill me maybe since I published it (even tough only a part of it) without his permission..

here is the link of my post which I want to deleted

please help me

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Ah. Since it had no replies by others, I've deleted it for you.
thank you Emotion: smile, I am so grateful since no one comment there except me Emotion: big smile, hehe