how can I end a letter?
- Yours sincerely (very formal)
-best wishes

Which would you choose in emails? It should not be too formal. Are there any big differences in the meaning between "greetings", "regards" and "Yours sincerely"?

Thanks in advance ;-)
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Greetings should not be used to sign anything off as it is a way of saying 'hello'.

Letters (British English)


Yours sincerely - when you know the name of the person so have addressed it to Mr/Mrs/Ms X

Yours faithfully - when you don't know the name of the person so have addressed it to Dear Sir/Madam


Kind regards

Best wishes


These are normally less formal so the informal sign-off as above are usually most appropriate.
Hi nona the brit,

What about ending a letter 'yours very sincerely' or 'I have the honour to be, Madam/Sir, Your (Imperial) Majesty's humble and obedient servant/subject'?
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well I suppose you could use the latter if you were writing to the queen herself but it would still be a bit strange!
Yours sincerely
thanks helped a lot
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While fully understanding that you are making a humourous comment; The word 'Imperial' is innapropriate because unlike the US we no longer have an empire. Americans also like to refere to The Queen as 'Your Royal Highness', presumably because it is long winded and contains the work 'Royal', in fact The Queen should be referred to as 'Your Majesty' . Princes, Princesses and other lesser Royals are referred to as Your Royal Highness
Then you should 'fix" the misspelling on your homepage. You used the word "then" when "than" is the correct grammatical term. It is also an incomplete sentence, unless you intended that "There is" is understood. The correct wording would be "There is no better satisfaction than doing it yourself!"
Just sayin'.
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