i am very glad to find such a great forum where so many native english speakers and english teachers can help our english learners.
so comes my question, is memorizing the dictionary the only way to enlarge vocabulary?i wonder how you guys to extent your vocabulary?

best wishes

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Memorize the dictionary, you say? Emotion: sad

I don't think so! Some time here and there, maybe, nosing around in the dictionary - but don't overdo it! Sometimes dictionary work is good for finding interesting new synonyms or antonyms, but it doesn't often help you much as far as appropriate idiomatic usage is concerned.

Read, read, read. And then read some more! You don't have to stop at every unfamiliar word. Most of the time you will learn words by context. You may want to write down a few interesting words to look up later.

Choose the widest variety of reading materials possible -- everything from classic novels to daily newspapers. Every subject matter area has its own vocabulary.

Write unfamiliar words (or better yet, phrases) on vocabulary cards - English on one side - your own language on the other. Drill them every day.

I'm sure others will also offer their suggestions. Emotion: smile
thanks a lot, actually i often listen to the radio such as VOA, and i can almost hear every words about clearly, but often i still can't understand what are they talking about. so i think my problem should be the vocabulary.
thanks again for your suggestion, i know what i must do then

best regards

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Hi Friend,

Truely agreed what CalifJim said. Reading is vital to enlarge our vocabulary and knowing the right combination of english structure.

Typically I'll be surfing through the net (reading news, acquiring information, attaining knowledge etc etc) while 2 to 3 helpful dictionaries on the other site will be simultaneously running when i'm reading through my articles. I'm just learning English btw ^^, Thx to this wonderful forum for allowing me to post questions n doubts.

Currently I'm using :

www.onelook.com - (this site containing vast amout of different dictionaries) *most useful

http:hyperdictionary.com - (for synonyms or antonyms search) *very useful

http://www.m-w.com / - (a dictionary PLUS audio pronunciation)

All the best,

I have the same question too

Right now, everybody should know how to read, write, and speek English just to have a comfortable job.

I am 16 years old and my english is too good according to some of my partenrs, alouthg I think I need to upgrade it

My problem is with the grummer and the vocabulary ( What else we can add Emotion: stick out tongue ) anyhow, I guess the grummer isn't as difficult to learn as vocabulary

Sometiems I know the word but I don't know how to write it ..

Reading .. I read but I don't think I learned thing from it .. maybe that because I dont read enough !!
Write all the vocabulary you know on a piece of paper. Then, copy it at 101% or higher Emotion: smile

I am more used to hearing "increase" instead of "enlarge" in this context.
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I am working in software company. How to improve grammer & vocabulary?
So many mistakes!!!
i think the best way to enlarge vocabulary is read a series of magazines or newspapaers.

maybe now i need you give me a hand .i am encountering a problem, that is, how to speak english well.
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