Hi. Another thread of videos I want to share with you. Emotion: smile

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Seriously... she is a lunatic! She has spent so much time copying other people that she does not know who she is anymore!

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Yeah, I am a mean guru!

The title of the clip is "How to learn ANY accent"... but she only seems capable of British (London), American (East Coast) and an hilariously stupid Australian imitation.

Come on! How about some Thai? Some German? Some Chinese? All these forms of sex are great fun and should not be overlooked!
Conus LotusAmerican (East Coast)
I didn't actually notice her doing the "American East Coast" accent. She may still be trying to locate that one. However, it might be stimulating to hear her attempt the Governator's accent, which may well be the most famous of the American West Coast accents.