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Please suggest me the ways to get rid of Indian Accent. Any tips,suggestions, links will be appreciated.
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Welcome Baski. The best way to become a fluent speaker in any language is to practise practise practise. You need to speak and listen at every opportunity. Try to listen to the accent you want to speak with (BrE or AmE). Have a look at this FREE audio sites and software for some free sites.
Thank you Abbie, I live in Los Angeles and obviously I am working on AmE. Thanks for your message and time.
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If i were you, i wouldnt worry about indian accent. My assistant manager is American. She picks on me all the time just because I look like an Indian. Some people act like they cant understand you just because simply they dont like your race. They are just being bitchy. You just have to ignore those kind of Americans. I have lived in American 16 years. I have lived in american longer than i have lived in india. Besides, I never speak english at home and i dont have any indian friends either. I Learned to speak english after i came to america and i never spoke with any indians. This bitch at my work tells me that i have a strong indian accent and she cant understand me. So, she will make me repeat things two or three times for every single thing that i say. My manager and other coworkers have no problem understanding me. Just this one American lady have a problem with me. She even told me she doesnt like indian. She is just racist and being very bitchy. When you come in contact with people like that just be bitch to them. So , next time they wont pick on you. Dont try to change your accent. This world would be a boring place if everyone in this world speaks like american and look like american. Trust me. everyone is unique and every accent is beautiful. So, please be proud of yourself. Dont change your accent just because one of two american bitches dont like your accent.
I meant to say I have lived in America ( American -> mistyped) about 16+ years. I have lived in America (American-> mistyped) longer than I have lived in India.
I dont know man ....i guess u probably will have to talk to someone that doesnt have the accent and through the course of time u might get better !
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Some of my friends in India have told me this was a helpful resources for understanding the basic sounds of American English .
There are phonetic and structural differences between Indian accents and American or British ones. The way Indians join words, the intonation patterns and weak/strong forms are all different. Phonetically Indians do not use long sounds or diphthongs.

All of these elements contribute to confusion between speakers. The best way to overcome these is to study the differences and learn how to do both accents so that you naturally switch when you are in professional situations.
I am also facing the same problem with Bangladeshi accent
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