I've lived her 3 years, i got here when i was 10, and still, i can't get rid of my accent.
My best friend(she also got here 3 years ago, same age, from the same place) her accent is mostly gone, yet she speaks mostly with latino people, her brother is a year older, and the same. In my house we speak spanish, but all my friends except my bff are english speakers, and i watch movies in english, listen to music in english, everything, i read in english too, but i can't get rid of this accent.
YES, for many people accents are interesting, but not in middle school, where the moment you speak people burst out laughing.
not all people would be able to get rid of their accent.
I guess you can try just practicing the baisc pronunciation and getting it right, for example 'th' is one alot of people don't day correctly and say a 'd' sound instead
Everyone is different when it comes to accent. My suggestion is to really put special effort into it. I am talking about full immersion in the sounds you want to produce. Be discriminative about what you are listening to, pick a news reader, a favorite movie star (or such) of the same gender. Use your computer to find the material (eg. iTunes), use it also to give you feeback (record and hear yourself). There is nothing wrong with having your own special accent, all you need to be concerned about is clarity.
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I totally understand you, I came here when I was 17 from my native Colombia and still haven't been able to get rid of the accent people will tell you don't worry is sexy, but what is not sexy is ignorant people making fun of you all the time. It just gets old. I am joining an accent reduction class at USF (I live in Tampa), but they have those classes at every university and community college and are not very expensive. Talk to your parents about it, it is an investment in your future, will help your self-confidence and therefore, help you in your future and career plans. You will find the classes in the non-credit courses in the schools websites, sometimes they are called English Language Skills -Accent Reduction. Good luck my friend, and keep you head high you will do it and make it happen.
Well, your school district may have speech pathologists; find one and work with him/her. If you got money, you can work with a professional. That way, you can learn the ropes.
Your acsent is just fine..Like someone said earlier, practice basic pronunciation meaning aplly yourself and be commited to practicing and eventually you will be able to express yourself in a clear and articulate manner.Try not worry about your acsent and the people that laugh at you because in the long run you will realize that the hype that goes with an acsent considered to be the norm or superior is way overated!!!!
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I have the EXACT same problem except if been here for 5 years, i came at 9 years all, im from Spain, and people call me names and laugh at the same time.

I think the best way for an accent to leave is by listening other people say things in regular English, it works, but its takin me alot of time.

You can change your accent by keep listen to what words you don't sound right. Correct from it by yourself or native friends. I came here when I was 14. If I really want to focus and speak English only my accent not that bad for my age. So I am pretty sure you can do it don't speak with an accent when you hear it. it will be a habit!