Hey there!
First of all, I'd like to thank you guys 'cause you all make this site so great! I'm a "brand new" user of this board and will try to contribute as much as I can. My first question:

Well,since I've been learning English, I've noticed too many ways to say "Hi": "British" way, "American" way, slang, non-native speakers' way,ect...

Thus,I'd encourage you to post the way you usually say it, how you answer it and a comment about it! This probably sounds nerdy but I think it'll be useful and...why not? funny! Emotion: big smile Thanks! Here I go:

- how you doin'? Not bad - doin' fine (I guess it sounds american, doesn't it?)

BTW:if someone please could check my grammar... Emotion: wink
Stewart: Hello.
Sumaira: Hi.
Stewart: What's going on?
Sumaira: Nothing special.
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Welcome to English Forums MarceFX!

Here are some American ways...

Hey, what's up buddy (man, dude, guys, ladies, )?. Oh not much. Hey what's up with you?
How is it going? Pretty good. How is it going with you?
What's up? A lot of things!
What's happening? Not too much.
Hey long time no see! Hi it's good to see you! It's been a long time! How have you been?
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In Australia people almost always say 'Hi' also common is Hello, and sometimes, more commonly in the country 'G'day'. The response is the same usually followed by the question 'how are you?'
So it would go something like this;
Robyn: G'day
Marce: Hi Robyn, how are you?
Robyn: I'm fine thanks, how are you?
Marce: Fine thanks.

Hello MarceFX

I usually just say "hello".

I tend not to ask people how they are. If you do, you can end up listening to half an hour of someone's medical history. Or a story about their journey to work.

that's a good one MrP....lol
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how do i greet someone in the british language?

There are various ways, depending on the situation. As noted above, usually you could say 'Hello'.

Best wishes, Clive
Not very sure, but what about "Mrs Brofloski! How are you this fine morning?"
(its somewhat different from the usual greetings)
Emotion: smile
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Eng.noob"Mrs Brofloski! How are you this fine morning?"

That would be a fine greeting for an upstanding member of the community.


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