Could someone please help me on how to improve my memory Emotion: crying ?
I find great difficulty in remembering vocabulary, names and things like that...
Do you have any suggestions?
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I will give it a try. In the meantime I will try to avoid embarrassment in the classroom!! (imagine the student asking the teacher and the teacher not being able to recall the word!!Emotion: embarrassed )
Thank you for your precious help. I do appreciate it Emotion: smile
Don't worry eva. That happens to me too. Occasionally I forget how to say a word because it might be 'on the tip of my tongue'. When you live in a foreign country and you have less contact with the language you are teaching, this does tend to happen. It's natural. Either that or my memory is getting worse! Emotion: stick out tongue
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I am sure the embarrassing moment would strengthen your determination to be a better teacherEmotion: smile
Eva, try this: Keep a dictionary on hand in the classroom, on student A's desk. When someone asks the meaning of a word, have student A look it up, and tell the class the meaning. Then, student A passes the dictionary to student B's desk, who will be the next person to use the dictionary. Then, student B passes it to student C, and so on. The students will remember the words better if they have to look them up themselves, and you will avoid embarrassment! : )
That sounds interesting I might try that.
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alexanndra that was a really clever idea!! I will certainly do it..and if there are any more similar ideas I would be happy to know!! Emotion: wink
Thanks a lot
what's the difference between visual and association in memoryEmotion: embarrassed
I think when It comes to learning a new language, one of the best ways of improving the memory, is practicing. Practicing by reading, and rehearsing the new words learnt, alone, by putting oneself into imaginary situation that will force the usage of those words. I think it's helpful especially when you have no one to practice with. People usually keep a notebook in which they write down the new words along with their definition, and put the poor notebook into the oubliette.

Oh by the way, thanks guys for all the tips you gave in your posts. I hope they'll help, for my memory really sucks.
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Read "rubi zidni ilma" as many times as you can remeber. this will icrease your knowledge let in and improve your memory. (its arabic) and its not black magic just a chant but its out of the qu'ran. (beleive me it REALLY will work)
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