i am a new chinese girl. and now i am a volunteer in a small government similiar to civil servant.
but i will over my work after middle next year. and i will have to find a new job. i hope my new work related to english.because i like english. but my english is now very poor. i believe i can learn english well. only can i need help.
so,i want to make friens with persons whose language is native. huh. and welcome to email me. my email is Email Removed
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hi hermitlady
this some ideas to help us to learn english better:

Ideas to Learn English

1. Listen to English programmes and news on TV and see movies in English language.
2. Read English books and magazines. You can borrow books from the library.
3. You can practice English in many places. Moreover, you can read direction that found on food packet or any product.

Reading practice

Sometimes it is very difficult to understand newspaper articles. Try to do this exercise that will help you to improve your English reading.

1. Find a short news article in an English newspaper and cut it out.
2. Read the article and see how much you can understand. Do not use a dictionary.
3. Read the article again. Don’t worry about the words you don’t know. How much can you understand?
4. Now look up any words you need to. Note them down in a book and learn them. Try another article. Soon you will find you can understand longer and longer articles.
sweaty has written ideas of improving english. Especially, reading newspapers are very useful. I have been reading the newspaper for two weeks and have learnt a lot of vocabulary (is vocabulary single or plural here?) you can read bbc cnn etc. websites. you will see your improving. good luck.
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Tthank you,sweety!
The ideas you have told me is good. My teachers had ever told me when i was a student. in that time , i had tried some ways about you mentioned. Example, listening to english programmes including english movies on the redio. but i have no time to do the same since i graduated form univercity half a year ago.
I have some english books but no magazines. i like novels. So i bought some english novels. But i fought that, i seldom read them.
I want to learn oral english. My best expectation is to intercourse freely with others. But no one can speak english around me.
I like the third you said , namely, "you can read direction that found on food packet or any product. " I think it is a very good way.
Oh, i don't like news very much including news articles. Oh , but i can try it . I think the way you said about reading practice suits to the students who are in school now. But i will try it on. Thank you very much.
In the end ,may know you if you are from China?
Thank you very much. I will try it on. I don't like news including chinese news. Because i am not interesting news and politics. But now i think in order to learn english ,i must try to interest with news and politics. I think it is no problem.
Thank you again.
You don't have to read about politics. I'm not interested in politic news either. I'm reading tsunami articles these days. You can find them bbc web sites. It'is written with clear sentences
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oh thank you fenerbahceli.
how old r u... if ur a new chinese lady? :-S

A way to improve your english is to have a private tutor teach you, or you can just self-study. Im still in Middle School and im not that great of english person, because I am a chinese person too.Emotion: smile
Iam Athul coming from INDIA.Now Iam working in MUSCAT I can't speak english fluvancy that is the main mines point for me.I can't communicate with other stafs
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