I do my best in improving my English everyday. But my friend said my writing isn't Anglicism. I think so.How should I do much better?Thanks your helps.
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You seem to be writing British English to me. It's not 100% perfect but you are perfectly understandable. Don't listen to nasty comments from other people, (anyway if that is what he or she said 'not Anglicism', then his or her own English is not perfect either). It's hard work to learn another language and you are doing well.

You can always come here to ask questions and it's also useful to read as much English as possible, such as magazines, newspapers and books.
I agree with Nona. You are perfectly understandable and you should never get discouraged by some nasty remarks. You know, maybe they say that because they are jealous of your English!
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you can iprove your writting also by reading and writting as much you can
I am so grateful for all of you and feel so lucky to find this forum, where there are so many friends who have the same interest.I won't feel alone even during the hard time.

First time on the web site. I'm having torouble at the work, simply becasue I cannot complete my reports without grametical errors. It is very dificult for me to progress in my carrie, becasue people judge me based on my writing skills, rather than my technical skills.

Please advice.
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Well it looks like a dictionary would be a good investment for you, as your poor spelling is the thing that stands out as your worst problem. Or learn to use your computer's spellcheck. Your grammar is actually ok.


I'm a new member . my name's Mon Myat. I already send 2 post but noboby replied me.

I don't know what happen with my letter. i think because of religious letter.

but i need improved my letter writing so could you please help me?

the 1st post title is - Urgent ( under the writing world)

the 2nd post title is - can everybody check my letter ( under the letter writing)

Please check my letter & i need urgently.

millions of thanks

mon myat
Hi Mon Myat,

Sorry that your posts have been missed. It's not because they are religious but just that we get a little overwhelmed with lots of letters at this time of year. I've corrected two for you and I've deleted the duplicate post as we don't permit those. Please continue to visit us here and take part in our forum.
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