hello everybody,

Iam Raghavendra ,i joined recently in EnglishForward,iam little bit poor in speaking english.Please tell me how

to improve my skills.


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hi, i would like to join this forum hopefully i will improve my english particularly in speaking...is there anybody who lead and guide us?

frm: Dexter
dear you speak only english as more as u can. practice the only way to improve it
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Hellow raghavendra,

1.buy,wren and martin book.
2.read deccan chronicle paper, collect meanings from dictionary.
3.Take some critical sentences and try to frame sentence by your own.
4.collect the words,which we use regularly in our daily life.

Learn sentences related to present,past and future.

Take assistance of english teacher/lecturer or friends.
If you are looking for solely speaking practice then there are many ways to improve. Some are free and some will cost you some money.

Firstly the free ways. Put yourself in situations where you have to speak English. If you come from a place where English is spoken around you then getting out there and speaking is the best way.

If you aren't surrounded by English speakers then there are online meeting places. Polyglot is very popular and you can make language exchanges with people who are wanting to learn your language and teach English to you. Depending on where you are from you might be also able to find a language exchange in your area.

Then there are the traditional language schools and private tutors, both local and online. Here you will be able to speak with qualified tutors who have been trained to be able to correct you properly.

I hope this helps. If you need to know anything more specific about what I have posted you can send me a message.

Jack @ JDAenglish

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Acording to me When you will free than you can stand front of the mirror and you can ask any question with self and tallk too your friend in english and you can read english news paper and your daily rutine life acctivity share front of the mirror
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Thanks for sharing these ideas. Do you know of any websites on the internet that allow you to practice spoken English with natives? It can be paid or free - does not matter. I think the fastest way to improve spoken English is this way
i know u'd ask me,,,,,do much speaking
i do speak much english,
Have friends who will help you to assist you when ever your are struggling to pronounce word's or when you don't know the meaning of that particular word's
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