Over the years, we have accumulated thousands of posts from people asking on how to improve their English. Wanting to DO something about it is already the first step!

Here are some tips on what you can do to improve your English:
  1. Read, read, read and read some more. Read English newspapers and magazines, easy books, read anything you like to build up your vocabulary. Don't forget to have your dictionary handy.
  2. Watch English television, even cartoons!
  3. Make yourself some flash cards and keep them with you. These will be handy for when you've got a quick 5 minutes to spare.
  4. Listen to the radio. Listen to English music and read the lyrics. This will be a fun way to learn English because you get to learn the pronunciation of many words while you're having fun singing.
  5. Try to find and make friends who speak English. For example, you may find a friend of yours who is interested in English. Do not miss such a chance and never hesitate to ask him or her to speak in English whenever you are together.
  6. Be patient and keep practicing and most of all, have FUN.
For help on pronunciation and speaking, visit this BBC section which is very helpful.

How to Improve your English here at EnglishForward.com:
  1. Ask very specific questions in our forums. Vague or general questions ('How can I use 'have'?' 'What is an adjective?') cannot be dealt with in a forum like this, so you should instead read carefully through the appropriate section in your grammar book or use Google or Englishforum's search to find references to a key phrase (THE VERB 'HAVE', ADJECTIVE).
    Also, give your thread a clear, specific and meaningful title ('past vs past perfect'; 'synonyms for 'pale'). Many teachers ignore such vague and unhelpful titles as 'Help!" and 'Urgent'.
  2. Join the Chat Room
  3. Read through other posts that interest you and participate as much as you feel comfortable with.
More posts on this topic: ESL, How to speak and learn English language , the first post gives you some more tips and details.

Good luck! EnglishForward Team

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