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I m new to this site, as all of you know that this is a nice place in internet to learn & improve english. I also want to improve my english. I want to ask a question how should we introduce ourself in any formal interview.


urs friend
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A polite way is "Hello, I am _____. Pleased to meet you." That's polite enough for a job interview, and casual for meeting people.
The best way to introduce yourself is.
Hello,Iam__may i help you
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"Hello,Iam__may i help you "
ok, if i want to know some one, and he dont want help!

how can i introduce my self?
in formal interview
we use the format for how to introduce urself
1) Name
2) Place
3) Qualification
4) Family Background
5) Hobbies

What do you mean by a formal interview? Are you thinking of a job interview?

When you say 'introduce', are you thinking of the moment when you walk into the room and shake hands, or are you thinking of a point in the interview where the interviewer may say something like "Please tell us a little about yourself"'?

Bets wishes, Clive
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yes i need to know how to introduce myselt to an intreviewer
hi i jst want to ask a most important question which is..."how to introduce ourself in an interview?" plz reply me on
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Have you read the earlier posts in this thread?
Best wishes, Clive
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