Many people want to learn English, but in fact they dont know how to learn.
I am one of them, i really want to find a way to learn English well. But what is it?
Now my way is remembering English volcabulary every day, go to the school course
and chating with friends in English here. Just these!
Is it enough? of course i know it is not. But how is enough? Can you share your
experience here?
Hope you will reply to me! because it is very important for me!
Maybe you can find me by adding my MSN. you can easily find it in my announcement.
Thank you!
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those are my opinion..
1 ) you and I must to read all kind of book about english language to remember vocabulary and exercise
2) you must speak your foreign friend ship all your spare time .. it must be good if you use msn
3) watch film with orijinall tongue
repeat and repeat Emotion: smile))
quite agree
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Obviously the best way to learn English is to live in a English-speaking country. However, that is not possible for many. Studying abroad is a great opportunity also. If these are not options, then you need to expose yourself as much as possible to the language. For example, watch movies. Disney/kid movies are the best, as the language matches the pictures and it will be the simplist language to understand. Once your language ability improves, I recammend doing everything in English. If you are at the store, think to yourself in English about what you need to get. It's the little things like that.
Thanks for your opinion!
It seems that you are good at english ! Are you?
By the way, can you recommend some english film to me?
the most important thing is to practice with ppl are learing english same with you (the the best thing is native speakers)

We always learn some gramer rules n new words. But if we don't use them in our real life with conversations, we can forget them..

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So i suggest you reading books and talking.. Also if u like listeing to music, U can listen English songs..and sometimes sing with singer Emotion: smile
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That's great!
I think your idea is so powerful and useful .
Anyway, thanks for your opinion!
My name is vincent, a student from hongkong .
Nice to meet you here!
ı think sibel must cry Emotion: smile
Emotion: smile Hi batuhan..How r u? Emotion: smile

Ok..I will start crying as soon as possible.. Becoz i had a math exam today..n i think i get 75 point.. Ohh that's a terrible start !
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