How can I improve my vocabulary? I want to learn more words, but I do not want to learn them by looking through dictionaries. Or by learning words from dictionary page by page. There are too much words in dictionaries than I would be able to learn them all. So, what would you recommend me?

Thank you for your replies.
You are right, it is difficult to build a larger vocabulary in a random way. Pick a topic you are interested in or one that you will find useful in future. For example, a subject related to your work or studies or a hobby you enjoy. Then you can look for the relevant vocabulary, websites, magazines and so on - you will find it easier to learn words that have a real use for you. So, you might choose to learn more about football, or history, music, surfing, fishing, fashion, science, computers...whatever it is that you already talk about a lot in your native language.
Thanks alot nona the brit, your reply help me too.

many thanks