Could you please guide me how to make sentences or recommend any book you people know?
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Hi Maverick

It would be helpful if you could be more specific about what you don't understand.
i cant differeniate between abt Noun, Verb, Adjective , Adverb...

I am not very bad at english , i do understand english very well , can speak but ot in fluency but i can't write it very well. lets make it this way. You give me some topic and i will write 10-20 lines abt that topic then you will come to know where i am lacking or what is the problem? or you suggest what to do?
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Hi Yankee,

I am still waiting for your reply.
Maverick9211I can't differeniate between abt nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, etc.

I am not very bad at English. I do understand English very well. I can speak English, but not in fluently. I can't write it very well. Let's make do it this way: You give me some topic and I will write 10-20 lines about that topic. Then you will come to know be able to see where I am lacking or what is the my problems are. Or you suggest what to do.
Hi Maverick

Judging from your posts here, spelling, capitalization and punctuation are some of the things you need to improve.

If you want to practice grammar, you might try English Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy.

Your idea about posting a few sentences isn't bad. You can post sentences for correction, but you should limit the number of sentences you post in each thread to a maximum of about 5. You can write about any topic that interests you. You can also post specific questions. This would be a specific question, for example:

What is the difference between "I do speak English very well" and "I speak English very well"?
Hi Amy,

I will post sentences not more than 5 and will buy the book. You have to guide me always.
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I haven't found English grammer in use by Raymond Murphy but there were his two other books: -

Essential English Grammer

Intermediate English Grammer

Which one to buy?
English Grammar in Use is considered to be one of intermediate English grammar books. I'm not sure about the Essential one, though. It might be too easy for you.
I have to find this book!
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