Hello everyone,

I wanted to know how can I master a British accent.
My spoken English is not bad at all, but I cannot get rid of my foreign accent. I'm one of those who deems it is better to acquire an English accent to speak English.

I have stumbled across 3 interesting resources, but I don't have solid references on them. I hope somebody can help me out on this:

1) Michael E. Andrew's method: I have read some positive comments about this method, though it doesn't seem to be quite exhaustive and I am a little bit skeptic about it. For more information: http://britishaccent.co.uk /

2) Alison Pitman's resource, which contains over 15 hours audio material. I do not have any references on her, so I am not sure. For more information: http://learningbritishaccent.blogspot.fr/p/ultimate-rp-british-accent-learning.html

3) Last but not least, a completely different approach to acquire a British accent, You are supposed to be able to learn 21 sounds, and then the rest of the words are mere sound combinations or the same sound repeated. It makes sense, but I am not sure whether or not reading a 70 page book without listening to anything will help you on making this possible. They assure it is possible to do so: http://britishenglishaccent.com /. You can view a book sample here: http://britishenglishaccent.com/wp-content/uploads/edd/2013/04/PREVIEW-PRS.pdf

Obviously, the ideal training for me would be hiring Joseph Morgan to talk 24/24, as I love his British accent. Do you think it is possible to acquire his accent? I would love to talk like him. You can see a video here:
(the first guy appearing is Joseph).

Thanks in advance.
I never really understand why people want to acquire a 'British' accent, unless they are permanently resident in Britain and do not want to stand out. Most native speakers do not worry at all if the non-native they are talking to has a particular British/American/Australian/etc accent.
Best (not always convenient): surround yourself with people who use the British accent (which, of course, the British don't consider to be an accent at all).
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I presume you speak English with a French accent.

I wouldn't waste time trying to lose it; it is considered seductive by most British women. it never did any harm to Charles Boyer, Charles Aznavour, Gerard Depardieu, Michel Roux, Eric Cantona and countless others.

Those who try too hard to change their natural accent always run the risk of sounding pretentious and/or ridiculous.

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