In New York City, there is a street named "Houston st.".
People here pronounce it as "house-ton".
Whereas the city down in Texas, I believe people pronounce the city as "hyus-ton".
I am confused 
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I pronounce it as Houseton as well and I am from Georgia. Randy Houston. My family roots are from Heard County Georgia.
Anonymouswe still pronounce it "House-ton" in Georgia. That's how we pronounce the county down here, and my last name
just in case you ever look back at this post....we must be distant cousins. my family are direct descendants of the Houstoun's of GA. and it's the first name of my nephew, brother, father, grandfather, great great uncle etc on back to Patrick Houstoun & wife Priscilla of Georgia!
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Although they are spelled the same, the city and the street are named after people who come from different languages and, therefore, are pronounced differently.

In SOuthern Georgia it is "how-ston"........ just like house is how-se, not hew-se