Louvre Museum of France is very famous throughout the world. How is Louvre pronounced? Is it pronounced loo-ver or lov-er to rhyme with hover?
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http://inogolo.com/pronunciation/Louvre This link will pronounce it for you. . .LOOV-rah
I thought it was pronounced the "loo-v".
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Actually, that's ALMOST, but not quite right. The r is not a "European rolled r", it's a French "gargled" r, which is a bit different. The re is pronounced as a gargled r with a short a sound at the end. The closest we can do it phonetically in English would be "loov-ruh", with a notation that when you hit the r, before you say the "uh", you close your throat, like you're going to gargle.

Here's an example of the proper French pronounciation (hit the little blue "play" triangle to hear it):

http://www.forvo.com/word/louvre /

Here are some examples of how the French "gargle" r is pronounced:


And an example of a similar French word with the 're' ending (livre):


It's really hard for an English speaking person who hasn't been exposed to French a lot to hear the minute difference between a rolled European "r" and the French "gargle", but there's a big difference in how they're formed, and how they actually sound to a non-English speaker. But don't go by how the English dictionary sites and English speakers document it as being pronounced... I couldn't find any of them that got it right.

And as for the alternates given... "Loo-ver" is absolutely wrong (that's an English bastardization) and while the French will understand you if you say just "loov", because English speakers have been doing it since the Louvre was built, that's just because most English speakers can't hear the gargled r.
It's pronounced like move.
AnonymousIt's pronounced like move.
Right, with "l" instead of "m" of course, and with a final [ɣ] (a voiced velar fricative) (or even [x], unvoiced) if you want it to sound more French, which most English speakers don't.

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Louvre is French, not English. This no single, English way to pronounce. This question should be asked of French speakers.
I'm so glad I read your post and agree 100%. It absolutely drives me crazy when people who don't know how to pronounce French words correct me when I say "Louvre", or "lingerie" properly. I remember years ago one person humiliating me in a group when I said Louvre. I wish I could get in touch with her and send her a link to this page LOL

Thank you for posting the correct information.

NEITHER!!! It is louvRE (re pronounced but not emphasized!)

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If you were French, or if you would like to respect the French language and pronounce it properly, you would say LOO-vruh, with very little emphasis on the "vruh"

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