Louvre Museum of France is very famous throughout the world. How is Louvre pronounced? Is it pronounced loo-ver or lov-er to rhyme with hover?
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New Russian


The man is obviously not French. Emotion: sad

The second syllable should be stressed much less. It should sound almost muffled.


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I think he said he was or pretended to be French. I don't care if he is Thai! All I was working against is my American (Texas) friends insisting it was pronounced LOOV. I questioned the link's almost LOOVwah... didn't see any "oi" as in croissant! I'm glad we agree it IS a two-syllable word!!

New Russianpronounced LOOV

They will certainly understand that pronunciation in Paris. In fact, they'll understand it even better than they'll understand any other attempt with an American accent.

I have no doubt of it.

New Russiandidn't see any "oi" as in croissant!

Certainement pas!

New RussianI'm glad we agree it IS a two-syllable word!!

But I think French speakers' perception of syllables is a bit different. They probably think that's one syllable. I believe it's how French linguists approach all those final consonant blends followed by final 'e'. They never show the final vowel that we hear at the end when they put phonetic transcriptions in their dictionaries. table, arbre, genre, ouvre, siffle are all one-syllable if you follow that principle.